Under the Sea

This birthday girl requested an Under the Sea party and I may or may not have seen flashes of shimmery scales, shiny pearls, glitter and mermaid tails. I tried to keep my cool. But, she quickly set me straight and commanded that there be no mermaids, zero…just a smattering of the more realistic aquatic creatures of the deep blue sea. (Sigh.) Okay, marine biology teach me something about your species. I snagged the most life like sea creature floats I could find.  There were green sea turtles, loggerhead sea turtles, killer whales, stingrays, great white sharks, and a sprinkling of starfish. (Yet, who knew that they’d blow up to be too big to fit in my SUV? Creative people don’t think like an engineer. An emergency call to U-Haul saved the party. Thanks, Dad.) Favorite party bit - Parker’s favorite cookie is a snickerdoodle, with a few sliced almonds we turned them right into sweet sand dollars.  Can’t you sea all the fun they had?!