oh, hello! I'm Nikki.....

.....owner + designer, a transplanted midwesterner who has learned to love life in Austin, Texas. I'm a self-taught party stylist and creative designer. Eight years ago, I shelved my career as a pediatric speech-language pathologist to spend more time with my two little loves...Parker ELIZABETH and Evelyn MAE. (Did you just see that? That's right, Elizabeth + Mae.) Well, as time passed, I felt the overwhelming need to fill those nap time hours with a dose of creativity. Let's be honest, laundry just doesn't cut it. Crafting was therapeutic. Elizabeth + Mae was born when my enthusiasm for handcrafting celebrations for my two little ladies consumed me, as well as any free space in the house that allowed me to plot, scheme, create and construct. Those petite soirées warranted festive and cohesive party themes. No question, I felt an obligation and it was as if the gig was tailor-made for me. The merriment began with scissors, card-stock, craft punches, hot glue guns and a healthy pour of pinot noir. Turns out I was a-okay at it, and started to get requests from friends to help with their party planning needs. Then came the requests from strangers...who I now consider friends! Fast forward a few years and there's a little less hot glue and a bit more graphic design. Nothing fulfills my pursuit of crafting like creating cohesive, one-of-a-kind designs to personalize a party. I have a peculiar obsession with the little details that make a big difference in making the event truly memorable. Life's meant to be celebrated! Game on.

Elizabeth + Mae


Elizabeth + Mae is a boutique design studio focused on creating cohesive and uniquely styled events. We specialize in designing and printing fabulous custom invitations and party swag for anything that warrants celebrating. Truth be told, we think it all starts with the invitation - the sneak peek of what's to come. After the tone has been set, we then expand and customize the thoughtful details that make a celebration unforgettable - the goodies that give the party a little personality! From coordinating cups, cocktail napkins, party signs to packaged favors, thank you cards and anything else you need to get your party started...properly. Celebrating life's little moments is one of our favorite things. Let us help you curate the party flair for your next fete!

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